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Compression and Recovery As A Training Tool

The reason we focused on recovery is that is where compression is proven to work. Studies thus far show wearing compression during an activity provides no discernible benefit.  Multiple studies show athletes experience a 2-6% increase in performance when using compression for recovery. Now that doesn’t seem like a big number, but for athletes that fight for every second, inch, pound or point a 5% improvement in burst, strength or endurance is huge and could be the difference between first, second or last! Studies also show using compression for recovery reduces fatigue by up to 20%.  

Having science back us up is great, but we also put a lot of stock in the folks who anecdotally tout the benefits of compression for recovery everyday. These are our customers, friends and competitors who tell us how much they like the increased blood flow, reduced fatigue and performance gains. They also talk about feeling less soreness and swelling… but a large part of their enjoyment and satisfaction in Funkxion comes from the style and comfort the socks provide. Simply put, delivering the benefits of compression for recovery as a training tool along with standout office style makes Funkxion Designer Compression Socks the purple unicorn of the sock and compression game.  



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