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A Training Tool Endorsed by Real Athletes and Professionals

We value the views of the professionals that understand the science and the benefits behind compression. We have collected a core group of people who believe in Funkxion and the value we bring to the community of athletes and business people who see and feel the Funkxional difference.


mark gorski olympic gold medalist track cycling“At meetings or in a board room, my Funkxion socks more times than not end up becoming the meeting icebreaker. People notice them for sure, but I notice the comfortable compression and recovery benefits they provide to my training regimen. I had already integrated compression socks into my training, but didn’t like the tightness or how some had an extra tight cuff. Having comfortable, designer compression socks that look good too is for me the best of both worlds.”  
- MARK GORSKI - SVP Wexford Business Parks & Olympic Gold Medalist 








dr felicty keough “Whether athlete or a pregnant mother, compression socks provide a variety of benefits  for my patients. Compression socks act as an outer muscle layer, gently squeezing the walls of the veins in the legs. This helps to move blood flow up the body and out of the legs to avoid pooling which can result in achy, painful legs; which means better oxygen and nutrient utilization for patients. I recommend compression socks for training, recovery or circulation management to counter fatigue, painful, achy, or swollen legs."   - DR. FELICITY KEOUGH DC (Chiropractor)










































































































dr paul robiolio“Compression socks help my legs feel recovered more quickly and fully after rides. I started using Funkxion socks after morning rides on work days because the funky styles beat the old school alternatives hands down. The lightweight comfort won me over, and they are now my go to compression option every day... even in the heat of summer."  - DR. PAUL ROBIOLIO M.D., FACC (Cardiology) 



“Whether for my patients or myself, Funkxion socks provide compression in a package that is wearable, stylish and unique. Not black, brown or tan and that’s a good thing. Funkxion socks are a huge value over traditional compression socks because the graduated compression still delivers but the designs are over the top cool.”   - DR. KYLE OSTROM M.D. (Geriatrics)


“I fly over 100,000 miles a year and always wear Funkxion socks on long flights. The benefits of compression eliminate DVT concerns, not to mention the compliments I get from the flight attendants.”   - BRIAN CONTI - GM of Network Strategy, Delta Air Lines


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