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Introducing the First Ever Designer Compression Business Sock

Funkxion is the first ever designer compression business sock providing athletic business professionals proven gains when wearing compression for recovery. Funkxion Socks are 15-20mmHg compression socks offered in a wide array of unique patterns designed to be worn by athletic business professionals at work (post activity). Funkxion Socks merge functional graduated compression + funky, high fashion style to create a unique, stylish, training and recovery tool that works while you work.  

Funkxion Designer Compression Socks focus on recovery because that’s where compression is proven to work. Multiple studies show athletes experience a 2-6% increase in performance when using compression for recovery, post-activity.  Studies also show using compression for recovery reduces fatigue by up to 20%. Funkxion wearers experience increased blood flow, reduced fatigue, soreness & swelling which translates into faster recovery and measurable performance gains. Funkxion Socks also provide positive support and an all-day level of comfort for athletic business professionals whether in the office, on the go, at a conference, during air travel or wherever compression can enhance comfort and pain relief.  

Funkxion socks are made in the USA with the highest grade of materials. They stay up all day and have enough compression to provide recovery benefits without pinching, being tight or uncomfortable. Funkxion Socks are typically worn by athletic business professionals for recovery at work and outside the field of play whether:  Running, Swimming, Cycling, Endurance Athletics, Triathlons, Skiing, Cross-Fit, Rowing, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball


Funkxion Philosophy

Provide business minded athletes of all levels
with a training tool that solves two problems at once:  

1. Proven Recovery and Performance Increase

2. One of a Kind Style  



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